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Leila Mitsuki
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
First name: Leila
Last name: Mitsuki
Age: 16
School: First, none, later Mitakihara Middle School
Status: Puella Magi
Gender: Female
Likes: Drawing, stars, science, friendship.
Dislikes: Screaming people, anger, rage, loneliness, getting hurt, spiders, snakes.
Weapon: Golden knife.
Witch: Kettingkind
Wish: "Make me able to protect my loves ones."
Abilities: She has more stamina than a lot of Puella magi, she'll not give up easily.
Weakness: The thought she may fail her beloved ones like family and friends.
Special powers: At some point she mostly can predict the move of her enemy. Ofcourse she can also be wrong sometimes about that feeling.
Hobbys: Writing, drawing, she may not look like it, but she actually likes stars and the science of stars. She wishes to do that later.
Past: Leila was different from others since pre-school. She was a very dominate person and liked to let everyone else do what she wanted. This changed when she was around 7 years old, her father had gotten a life-threatening accident and came into a hospital. He was on coma for three weeks straight and when he woke up he wasn't able to do anything anymore. Together with her mother, her two brothers and her sister, they learned him to do anything agian, but he was never normal agian. He had to live in an house with other disabled people, but he came home every sunday. It was different for Leila to have her father like this in house, he acted different and while the time passed he became more agressive and dominant, just like Leila was first. One day he became so agry that he hitted Leila's oldest brother in his face. They tried for a few more times to have him in the house every sunday, but he kept having tantrums and Leile saw everything of it. It traumatised her for the rest of her life. Untill this day on, she can't stand hearing screaming at each other, because it unconsiously reminds her of the times her dad became that angry.
The family decided he could no longer live with them and they cut all ties with him. They gave him only a few yen so he could live from that money. Their mother had to start work and all the siblings had to pay their own things, so they all had to get a job early, except for the young Leila.
Leila grew up fast and became a tall, proud girl, who pressed her past behind her so she would never have to think of it ever agian.
One day she walked home with her best friend Skyler and saw tumult in the front of her house. People screaming in fear, angry voices and the sound of people hitting each other. Leile ran towards her house and saw that her father had came back. He and her eldest brother were in a fight and it seemed like her father was about to win. And he did, he hitted her brother so hard that he fell unconcious to the ground. In that time the neighbors had enough time to grab her father and call the police. Her dad was deported by the police and her brother was hospitalized. The family came during visitors time but he was already unconcious for a few day, when Leila came on her own this time. Sitting next to her brother, she grabbed his hand and cried. She creid because she was unable to protect her brother when he needed help to protect all of them. She cried for a few minutes untill she heard the voice of Kyuube in her head. "I can help you." She looked up fast and saw Kyuube sitting on the table next to the hospital bed. "Nani?" She whispered. "I can help you, so you can protect your family and friends. So you can protect them from all evil. Even your dad. You just need to wish for it." He said. She looked at him. "What do you want in return?" She whispered. "Only for you to fight evil, in the form of Witches. These creatures feed on human-beings and you can help me stop them. I'll give you all the power you need. Give you all the magic and weapons that you need to save these people from Witches. All you have to do is wish for it." He promised her productivity, so she could help her friends and it was one beautifull lie. She took what he said without further asking about the concequences.
"Make me able to protect my loved ones."
Leila fought Witches as she was promised. She protected her family and friends agianst these creatures, but she wasn't strong or fast. She was scared everytime she fought one, scared she would die or fail in the eyes of her loved ones. That was her biggest weakness that haunted her every second she fought a Witch or even a simple Familiar. She was so busy with fighting the Witches that she forgot about some of her friends an they abandoned her. In the end she had just Skyler left, who felt so much pity for her, but Kyuube had a mission for her in an other city. Since the Witches were all gone here, she had to go to another city to clear the witches there. He didn't told her why, he didn't told her anything and she just bought it and went, leaving her family and only friend behind. With the thought that it would be the best for them and that she was protecting them with all she could. She would make this world Witch-free.

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